the western wind catches in your celtic hair, flicks it round your face like flames around the sun. in the bright cold air you seem as innocent and fair as rita tushingham in nineteen-sixty-one.

10:08 p.m. x 2009-01-11

currently listening to: "the happy goth" by the divine comedy

my roommate moved out immediately! i was anticipating a little wait, but when i came back today i had a single. a gigantic single. the only drawback is that i just bought coffee creamer and brie, thinking that my roommate and her fridge would still be here. but when i popped over next door to say hello/goodbye to gretchen, she asked me to fridge-sit for her while she's in london! so i am fully-equipped. everything is set up. i converted the now vacant other desk into a very lovely bookshelf. i vacuumed the carpet. i rearranged the furniture, which was something i didn't plan on because in the event of someone moving into the open spot, the room came arranged very efficiently. but the outlet situation is a strange one, and in order to plug everything into a place that made any kind of sense, moving the excess of dressers was necessary.

melody txt'd me the day after christmas and is now "following" me on twitter. mm. she's also in my badminton class, the first class of which is tomorrow. i'm a shade freaked out about it. i'm not proud for skipping off without going to her and telling her. i did tell her i was going to talk to housing, but i never informed her of the outcome directly. housing did, and i wish they had told me. i feel like a coward.

maybe she won't even look at me (and it was exactly this time last year that we decided definitely that we would be roommates this year...geez). maybe we will nail each other in the face with shuttlecocks for the duration of the class (only seven weeks, only fourteen classes).

my bookshelf looks so good.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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