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8:16 p.m. x 2009-07-19

currently listening to: "la vie en rose" by edith piaf

my dad formally apologized and took me grocery shopping today. chick peas are a dollar-thirty or so at the grocery store down the street, where my brother works, and seventy-five cents at giant. i got five cans, some couscous reinforcements, apples, grapes, swiss cheese, mint chocolate cups, classico pasta sauce - which is what we always used to get, what everyone unanimously liked to use, and which we suddenly and inexplicably stopped buying, wheat bread sans high fructose corn syrup, ceyenne pepper and lemon pepper (!!!!!!), and my sister/my mother/my favorite ice cream, which i enjoyed a cup of when i got home, which my sister has now almost finished. i am getting very sick of ice cream, so that's fine.

i finished cat's cradle and it was adorable. that's the only adjective i feel comfortable outfitting vonnegut with: adorable.

i am feeling so much better. grasping the finitude of the summer has relaxed me. knowing what a fucking badass year i have a head of me, having my own micropress materials (my dad gave me a brand new awl!), writing copiously and steadily, having self-made pocket money enough to do little things when little things need accomplished, my office, all the amazing books mark got me, all the books i got for my birthday that arrived over may term which i still need to spend adequate time with (particularly pumped for the collected colette and the colossal complete anna akhmatova) - SO MUCH YES!

mark is communing with and being transformed by and adoring the hotel new hampshire. that makes me beyond happy. since he's in the bathtub reading that, i am going to follow suit with catch 22 and then continue working on his little handmade book. it's so strapping so far!

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