there's fifty days in the fast

6:22 p.m. x 2009-07-18

currently listening to: "1054" by umbrella tree

a verbal altercation over my uselessness occured today between my dad and i. so for my own benefit i am going to remind myself that i am a/the:

book prize winner for excellence in critical writing
english society secretary
micropress bookbinder
student literary journal copy editor
graduation project advisor
nationally distributed poetry journal intern
student literary journal managing editor

i went out today and got yarn darners and thread, so i am only an awl away from my own micropress. i was able to effectively stab mark's mini-anthology into being so i will be on my way to finishing that tonight while i have carrots, hummus, a good cry and movie i haven't seen in a while. i am erring on the side of "secretary".

mark called me, very happy, sharing an apple with moe, and made me feel wonderful. we cleared the last week of august as time we're definitely spending together. there is a chance i can come up before that since i have the money, but a lot of relatives will be milling around within the next month. i told him that was more than fine and i have a lot to do here - and i really do, even if it is unpleasant here - and he was overwhelmingly concerned that i not feel as if that inconvinience was intended to signify in any way that he didn't want me to visit, which i understood perfectly. he then launched into all the things we're going to do together next time i'm there, and how much he misses me and wants to see me!

to know he's thinking about me is infinitely helpful. i bought apples, too. i'm going to share one with catch 22.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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