how my pulse increases, i just go to pieces when i look at you

12:21 a.m. x 2009-07-25

currently listening to: "my wife" by beirut

i woke up incredibly late today and spent the entire day in a txt-conversation with melody, of all things. and it was excellent!

shelby beckoned me out last night around 11:30 because she had a half an hour before she could no longer eat (she had her wisdom teeth out today). we went out together and had smoothies and carrots, which she tried to share with her dog, who would only accept carrots from me.

i had a gorgeous conversation with mark. he was extremely more optimistic and willing to talk about ambitions and ideas for the future. it was relaxing. he found a walking trail along the river there, which we're checking out when i visit. at some point the state of new york is connecting it to the beautiful park we went to last time, so within a year or so we'll be able to walk there!

my mom and i spent daylight hours (she was also sleeping up a storm, sick) watching "curb your enthusiasm". she confirmed for me that my community college experience is, in fact, all paid for - which is what i thought, but it is a relief to know.

i'm so excited for august! for these classes to start! AH!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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