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11:45 p.m. x 2009-08-10

currently listening to: "what's the use of wonderin'" by amanda palmer & st. vincent

i saw alannah today! she and amanda both happened to be free, and we all watched "the red shoes" and ate domino's and blush wine. it was spectacular.

there have been a lot of hard moments but this was a good summer. i have kept myself focused pretty well. it could have been better, but i will improve. i hit 100 pages, something i wanted to do. i worked out a lot of unsatisfying scenes and have gotten this to resemble a very mature work (not in the scheme of things, i'm sure, but in comparison to everything i've ever written prior to it and certainly its own preceeding drafts).

i am now focusing on point-of-view shifts and getting out of these clothes. the humidity was murderous today.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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