11:49 a.m. x 2009-09-04

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i am hearing something in the library about someone trying to get a hold of the poetry professor and it isn't working. something with the email. i wonder if he's been trying to email me at all? i know it's just the first week and i'm sure he's still trying to figure all the things out but i have forms and the small press and if i don't hear from him over the weekend i will try again to email him. i don't want to be a bother.

i do want huck finn to be over. it is different from when i was in high school and hated it - it is worse because i am older, i am a better reader, i DO like it. i liked it a lot when i read it for the first time when i was nine or ten, when all that was desired out of me was to enjoy it. i would love to consider on my own what about the book i enjoy (i grapple a lot with southern american literature - i can adapt to nadsat as easily as anything but phonetic southern dialect gives me outrageous headaches) and really get something out of it but it is not a book that i can handle critically very easily or enjoyably. not for this professor. he doesn't even seem that terribly opposed to concentrating on the psychology of characters (which is all i care very much about in this book) but for each different thing we cover there is SOMETHING he wants to hit upon and no matter what point you bring up, if you miss it and miss it he will just simmer away in his angst and admit it begrudgingly he is after this point and this point alone. i have encountered that over and over again with literature teachers and professors but only with american literature! predominately early american literature. my junior year english teacher, the professor at community college ("major american writers I" WHAT A DISASTER) and now this poor guy.

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