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8:27 a.m. x 2010-01-11

currently listening to: "shores of california" by the dresden dolls

i don't think i can resist the temptation much longer. fiction professor loaned me a USB drive with the last few copies of the literary journal on it so i can see how various staffs have utilized the template. he gifted it by saying "but if it's something filthy, please quietly hand it back." he makes jokes like that with me - which are so grossly uncharacteristic of he and his super-protestantism - because we have such a reassuring vibe between the two of us. we scare each other just enough to understand what we're both trying to do.

he wants me to talk to the intro class! i wasn't sure if he'd be into making my services available to them or not, but he wants me to give a presentation on wednesday! and he's talking about me with them today. what a good feeling. i'm glad that he likes me. it's a level of approval from a respected authority figure that i have never before experienced.

poetry professor sent me another facebook message. he is adorable with that. i miss him, but i will probably see him about. he is on sabbatical just to relax.

i have theatre at ten, classical lit at 12:45 and criticism at 2. all on the same floor! all my classes are on the same floor this semester. and two in the same room. i love it.

i think i have managed to not get all the books required of me for classical lit, if that is possible. i had seventeen books, two of which (for theatre) were heavy megatexts, and i was shaking in line for the register. no, i think i got them all. i thought we were reading ovid. that is disappointing. the translation of lysistrata looks amazing, though.

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