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11:03 p.m. x 2010-04-17

currently listening to: "paralyzing" by zoe boekbinder

my mom DID come! with my sister! and the reading was amazing. the director of the writing center, who sponsored the event, was really impressed and proud. bill, the poetry editor, had the most gorgeous declaration about scott, the fiction editor. they were the greatest staff. i'll miss them so much.

after that i went home, where i currently am, watching "raising arizona." my mom got me a new set of notebooks, a moveable feast and zoe boekbinder's new album "artichoke perfume." i am overwhelmed. i'm so excited to be done with school so i can concentrate on getting a job. i'd like to buy "vivre sa vie" myself. and the new evelyn evelyn and hole albums!

and contribute to society.

my friends all went up to my mom and told her how much they love me. i'm so happy about how school has gone. i hope the time in between this and grad school isn't too discouraging. i hope i get into grad school. i can only be positive.

what i have left to do is: proofread a paper for a friend, write a paper for classical lit, finish the "web" for advanced criticism, finish my form & theory paper and finish my gretchen painting. i'm painting gretchen a portrait of herself to have in her apartment in texas. that's all before finals. the only finals i have are for classical and form & theory, on tuesday and friday, and on wednesday i have to go to the final critique in painting. and THAT'S IT!

"vivre sa vie" and new york await!

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