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3:21 p.m. x 2010-05-27

currently listening to: "night curse" by queen adreena

clare came back to life! we watched "the care bears movie" as carole maso's aureole informed me that "she's got the bears" is french slang for menstruation. then we watched "seduce me." perfect time. i'm so happy clare came to see me. i'm going to visit her once she gets back from the gambia!

and CANNES NEXT MAY! that is the objective!

i have work tonight for the first time since my two day training-sprint from hell. hopefully this goes smoothely. i have to follow up on an application soon. i keep reminding myself that the only reason i am in the predicament i am in is because i have no money of my own and that is changing as we speak!

oh but it is discouraging when there are people i know advancing and doing things not because of skill but because they have some very easy access...i know when i get to be where i want to be it is because i worked very hard and did it all the way i wanted to do it.

on the subject: i need to find a nonprofit to volunteer with.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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