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3:50 a.m. x 2010-06-24

currently listening to: "if you can't sleep" by she & him

i got really sick yesterday and read the one volume of chobits i have. i had to excavate my old manga in order to move around my closet. i have only snatches of a few series and i can't get any more of them because they're almost all long out of print, like saint tail. after consulting amazon, i see that if i ever lose my job and need to spontaneously pay rent, i have my sailor moon collection to rely on. i never want to sell those. i can't believe no one in the US holds distribution rights. according to wikipedia (ahhhh) toei is trying to change that! if that came back on the air i'd watch television again.

meanwhile: NEW YORK. YES. that blew me away. first we went to the macaron cafe and i had coffee and a raspberry macaroon. then we went to the strand, where i did not spend nearly enough time, though the longer i was there the more i was liable to spend money. then i got a cheese and fruit and more coffee from a nearby starbucks, because i couldn't move any more without eating something. then it gets blurry. we went to the st. mark's bookstore next, i think, then the taschen store. we went to the nyu bookstore. we had lunch in and walked through the moma, where i learned mark rothko makes me very emotional. seeing frida kahlo's art was breathtaking. the new york public library is one of the most gorgeous places i have ever been in. the center for book arts treated me with adorable courtesy. i wish i could have joined in person. but i have to save what i have now because i am going back in a few weeks to visit ken! i didn't get to do that and he was hurt. i was hurt. so what the hell. i'm going in just to see him. and go back to the strand, i think.

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