let's twist again

12:30 a.m. x 2010-06-30

currently listening to: "inexorable" by zoe boekbinder

i have an intense, miserable headache. and two interviews this week! one is a second interview at a department store with the head of lingerie. i'd be a lingerie-lette. i've all ready met with a human resources representative and she did all the talking. that is my kind of interview. that is tomorrow. at the end of the week, i have another bookstore interview! not the same one, and hopefully this won't be as twisted an experience.

now, i am upset about this:

there is a chance i cannot apply to grad school in the coming year.

it's just a chance, but a good one. fiction professor is on sabbatical in the fall, which he's all ready indulging in, and he's engrossed in a novel and bit the head off a friend who asked him for, in all fairness, way too much help on her applications, but i think he may choose to shoot me down too, although the only thing i need is a single letter. if that is the case - that's all right. i will be upset, but considering it, it is in no way my only option and it just means more time to get work (writing) done, and i can move regardless of it being a matter of school.

i will set my sights on moving anyway. i am lucky that i don't NEED any more schooling. i just desire it, for relocation and community. i can relocate. i can build community. it will simply require a little more craftiness to get my writing done every day. and craftiness is a vital trait. and i can still go to school. i just need to be patient.

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