a girl and a gun

12:57 a.m. x 2010-08-14

currently listening to: "carnival of souls" by verne langdon

i am very upset about the death of bruno s.


there is a young man at work i like very much, and today we had our breaks together. he asked me some questions about film, and is burning me two movies he wants me to see! i am smitten.

reasserting: i love my job. even when the day is not so great. there is enough about it that is great that building objectivity is easy. and it will only get better!

i bought "pierrot le fou" and "made in USA" today as i was a) consoling myself over our store not having stocked "crumb," which was to be my DVD purchase for the month, and b) totally shocked/pleased to find a copy of "pierrot le fou" hanging out. it's OOP. i am so distraught with studio canal.

i am so distraught that i just bought "une femme est une femme" on amazon. i won't be able to do this much longer (spend like a fiend). so i, like pierrot, will go out with a bang. it blows my mind that i paid for dinner tonight in tips. i didn't even know i'd be making tips!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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