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11:44 p.m. x 2010-09-11

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work was great today.

i went in early by accident - i don't know quite how - but the boy at work was there, what can i call him? D. D asked me to clock in and help him before my shift began, so i did, happily. pulling stuff to send back. i love doing that. he gave me enough to do so that throughout the first half of my shift, while this one guy - hysterical, very nice - worked with me, i could skip away and do that.

when my break came i gave D a copy of my novella and two short stories because he had asked. he was very grateful and he and another great coworker and i made each other convulse in laughter. i was very glad - i want to be his friend. i want him for a friend. he is very nice. he is the kind of person i want to be around.

the coworker that was coming in to work with me after my break has been very sick and in very foul spirits and i was vocally NOT looking forward to being in close quarters with him. i told D this, so he went and - on his authority - printed me a STACK of pages of things to pull so that i could spend THE REST OF THE DAY DOING THAT!

i was moved. i had a blast. one male coworker who is usually very closed was very forthcoming about conversing today - i think he is nice and i was pleased.

i also decided to fervently commit to cutting beef/poultry/pork from my diet. fish can stay as i eat it rarely enough and feel great when i do. but otherwise i want to concentrate primarily on vegetables, as everything else is making me either overtly sick or subtly physically miserable. i need to get rice milk and calcium supplements. sugar is pretty well on its way out of my diet. that i cannot even deal with anymore.

resultant weight loss has been steady and healthy and i look and feel better and better all the time which i NEED. i do not desperately require coffee in the morning anymore (not all the time, which i did for many years) and i sleep very well (at least in terms of getting exhausted routinely - i still have wicked nightmares). good, good.

two things i can work on: managing my time with regards to writing (i'm getting a white board to keep track of this) and human interaction. i need more genuine human interaction if i am to climb totally from this state.

today was a very good start.

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