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9:05 p.m. x 2010-09-23

currently listening to: "there's too much love" by belle & sebastian

i am 124 words into my 250 word cover letter. i need then a 300 word synopsis. the first 3000 words of my novella have been refined to the last period. i am doing that, then i am taking the week to zero in on portfolio content. i go back to the alma mater and set up an account with career services, i talk to my one professor there, and I COMMENCE APPLYING TO GRAD SCHOOL. it's all happeniiiiing!

so i must budget for that, which is just fine. i need to manage my cash now.

tomorrow i switched shifts with my supervisor so i can open (i love to open) and leave and be prepared and rested for my trip to the pittsburgh small press festival! where i and the boss will be pimping our wares. after that, akasha and i are owning the city.

i am fully fucking back from the jaws of god and death. i hate being depressed with every fibre of my being and that went on for too long. i have too much to do and too much to be excited about. i see him now and it doesn't matter - i know what about me is desirable. my sam is very upset. gretchen is having a very rough time. i want to be there for them. they love me and support me and never let me forget it and that is where my attention needs to go.

so pittsburgh, then school, then philadelphia again in october. then new york again with ken. then austin with gretchen in november for the dresden dolls. i think that since nothing requires me now to be still, i won't be. after that is aliya, and amber if she is still in washington after the new year. she is coming back! to live!

and i am either going way west, to new york city, or otherwise deep into new england. i am getting in somewhere AT ALL COSTS! i am eating extremely well and i feel better physically than i ever have. i have the films of jean-luc godard and this is called moving and a GIANT new tv (inherited! free!) and mastry over my job and incredible friends at work and way beyond and I AM GOING TO GRADUATE SCHOOL.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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