9:02 p.m. x 2003-01-25

i read very frequently.


abagnale, frank w. catch me if you can
acker, kathy essential acker
aldridge, alan the beatles: illustrated lyrics
aligheri, dante the inferno
allardice, pamela who am i?
angelou, maya i know why the caged bird sings
anonymous go ask alice
arnoldi, katie chemical pink


bataille, georges story of the eye
beatles, the athology
beattie, antonia using feng shui
bessman, jim the ramones: an american rock 'n' roll band
beulle, bebe rebel heart
blatty, william peter the exorcist
bloch, robert psycho
boylan, jennifer finney she's not there: a life in two genders
bradbury, ray fahreneit 451
bradford, sarah america's queen: the life of jacqueline kennedy onassis
briggs, joe bob profoundly disturbing: shocking movies that changed history!
brite, poppy z. courtney love: the real story
brite, poppy z. exquisite corpse
brown, dan the da vinci code
brown, peter the love you make
brus et al, writings of the vienna actionists
bunson, matthew the vampire encyclopedia
burgess, anthony a clockwork orange
burnett, frances hodgson a little princess
burroughs, augusten running with scissors
burroughs, augusten dry
burroughs, william s. junky
burroughs, william s. queer
burroughs, william s. naked lunch
bushnell, candace sex and the city
butt, malcom sid vicious: rock 'n' roll star


camacho, enrique bunuel: 100 years: it's dangerous to look inside
camus, albert the stranger
celine, louis-ferdinand journey to the end of the night
chase, truddi when rabbit howls
chion, michel david lynch
cobain, kurt journals
cohn, rachel ginger bread
colegrave, stephen punk: the definitive record of a revoltion
coleman, ray lennon
cooper, dennis closer
cooper, dennis frisk
cooper, dennis try
cooper, dennis guide
cooper, dennis period
cooper, dennis wrong
cooper, dennis jerk
cooper, dennis my loose thread
cooper, dennis horror hospital unplugged
cross, charles r. heavier than heaven


dahmer, lionel a father's story
dallek, robert an unfinished life: john f. kennedy 1917-1963
danielewski, mark z. house of leaves
davies, hunter the beatles
davis, don the jeffrey dahmer story: an american nightmare
davis, stephen hammer of the gods: the led zeppelin saga
de sade, marquis the 120 days of sodom & other writings
dickinson, emily the complete poems
dostoevsky, fyodor notes from the underground
dostoevsky, fyodor the adolescent
dostoevsky, fyodor crime & punishment
dostoevsky, fyodor the idiot
dostoevsky, fyodor demons
dostoevsky, fyodor the brothers karamazov
dragone, franco la nouba
dunn, katherine geek love
durgnat, raymond a long hard look at "psycho"


ellis, bret easton american psycho
ellis, bret easton the rules of attraction
eugenides, jeffrey the virgin suicides
eugenides, jeffrey middlesex


fitch, janet white oleander
foxe-tyler, cyrinda dream on: livin' on the edge with steven tyler and aerosmith
fleming, kerry o
freeman, robert the beatles: a private view
fried, stephen thing of beauty: the tragedy of supermodel gia
freud, sigmund the essential writings of...
freud, sigmund interpretation of dreams


genet, jean our lady of the flowers
gerwick-brodeur, madeline the complete idiot's guide to astrology
ginsburg, allen howl and other poems
gibson, clare the ultimate birthday book
gide, andre the immoralist
gile, robin the complete idiot's guide to palmistry
godwin, malcolm who are you?
grass, günter the tin drum
gregory, julie sickened: the memoir of a munchausen's by proxy childhood


hack, richard hughes: the private diaries, memos and letters
haddock, deborah bray the dissociative identity disorder sourcebook
haddon, mark the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
hall, judi what does my future hold?
hammel-zabin, amy conversations with a pedophile
hammerman, david the complete idiot's guide to reincarnation
harris, thomas the silence of the lambs
hauck, dennis william haunted places: the national directory
heim, scott mysterious skin
hendricks, jennifer slim to none: a journey through the wasteland of anorexia treatment
henke, james lennon legend: an illustrated life of john lennon
hill, tom the beatles: unseen archives
hitchcock, alfred tales of terror
hoff, benjamin the tao of pooh
hoffmann, yoel japanese death poems
homes, a.m. the end of alice
hooven III, f. valentine tom of finland: his life and times
hopkins, jerry no one here gets out alive
hornbacher, marya wasted: a memoir of anorexia and bulimia
hoye, jacob mtv uncensored
hunter, mic abused boys: the neglected victims of sexual abuse
huxley, aldous brave new world



jelinek, elfriede the piano teacher
jung, c.g. the essential writings of...


kafka, franz the complete stories
kafka, franz the trial
karlen, neal babes in toyland: the making and selling of a rock 'n' roll band
kaysen, susanna girl, interrupted
keightley, thomas the world guide to gnomes, fairies, elves, and other little people
kemp, jillian the fortune-telling book
kerouac, jack on the road
kesey, ken one flew over the cuckoo's nest
keyes, daniel the minds of billy milligan
kick, russ 50 things you're not supposed to know
king, stephen carrie
king, stephen the shining
klein, edward the kennedy curse
kraus, caroline borderlines: a memoir


lagerquist, kay the complete idiot's guide to numerology
leamer, laurence the kennedy men: 1901-1963
leamer, laurence the kennedy women
leamer, laurence sons of camelot: the fate of an american dynasty
leaming, barbara marilyn monroe
leavitt, david the lost language of cranes
lennon, john in his own write
lerner, lisa just like beauty
leroux, gaston the phantom of the opera
leroy, jt sarah
leroy, jt the heart is decietful above all things
levenkron, steven cutting: understanding and overcoming self-mutilation
levin, ira rosemary's baby
levin, ira the stepford wives
levine, judith harmful to minors: the perils of protecting children from sex
levine, roz palmistry
littell, robert t. the men we became: my friendship with john f. kennedy jr.
lords, traci underneath it all
lovecraft, h.p. the best of h.p. lovecraft: bloodcurdling tales of horror and the macabre


mackinnon, mark c. the sailor moon roleplaying game & resource book
manson, marilyn the long hard road out of hell
masters, brian the shrine of jeffrey dahmer
matheson, richard hell house
mccormick, patricia cut
mcdermott, john hendrix: setting the record straight
mcneil, legs the other hollywood: the uncensored oral history of the porn film industry
michaud, stephen g. the only living witness: the true story of serial sex killer ted bundy
miller, alice thou shalt not be aware
miller, j. eric animal rights & pornography
morrison, jim the american night
morton, andrew madonna
motley crue the dirt
moynihan, michael lords of chaos: the bloody rise of the satanic metal underground
mulvaney, jay kennedy weddings: a family album


nabokov, vladimir lolita
nabokov, vladimir ada, or ardor: a family chronicle
nabokov, vladimir despair
nabokov, vladimir invitation to a beheading
nathan, jean the secret life of the lonely doll: the search for dare wright
nietzsche, friedrich the antichrist
nietzsche, friedrich beyond good & evil
nin, anais henry & june
nin, anais the house of incest


oates, joyce carol foxfire
oates, joyce carol blonde
oates, joyce carol zombie
ogden, tom the complete idiot's guide to ghosts and hauntings
osborn, kevin the complete idiot's guide to classic mythology
owen, frank clubland: the fabulous rise and murderous fall of club culture


palahniuk, chuck fight club
parker, dorothy the complete stories
parry, eugenia joel-peter witkin 55
paytress, mark bowiestyle
perry, george paris in the sixties
pita, maria isabel the story of m...a memoir
plath, sylvia the bell jar
plinkin, marci the complete idiot's guide to interpreting your dreams
poe, edgar allen the complete tales and poems



reage, pauline story of o
reid, lori east west astrology
roach, mary stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers
robinson, dave introducing philosophy
robinson, lynn a. the complete idiot's guide to being psychic
rodi, robert fag hag
rossi, melissa courtney love: the queen of noise
rule, ann the stranger beside me


sacher-masoch, leopold von venus in furs
sacks, oliver the man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical tales
salinger, j.d. the catcher in the rye
salinger, j.d. franny & zooey
sandford, christopher bowie: loving the alien
scarce, michael male on male rape
schaefer, eric bold! daring! shocking! true! a history of exploitation films, 1919-1959
schechter, harold depraved: the shocking true story of america's first serial killer
schechter, harold the a to z encyclopedia of serial killers
schiller, lori the quiet room
scholinski, daphne the last time i wore a dress
schreiber, flora rheta sybil
sechehaye, marguerite autobiography of a schizophrenic girl: the true story of "renee"
selby jr., hubert requiem for a dream
selby jr., hubert last exit to brooklyn
self, will the quantity theory of insanity
serling, rod the twilight zone complete stories
sexton, anne the complete works
shannonhouse, rebecca out of her mind: women writing on madness
sheff, david all we are saying
shelley, mary frankenstein
slater, lauren welcome to my country
slater, lauren prozac diary
slater, lauren lying: a metaphorical memoir
spellman, cathy cash bless the child
siegel, ronald whispers: the voices of paranoia
spungen, deborah and i don't want to live this life
st. james, james disco bloodbath: the fabulous but true story of a murder in clubland
sterritt, david the films of alfred hitchcock
sterry, david henry chicken: self-portrait of a young man for rent
stock, gregory the book of questions
stoker, bram dracula
stover, lauren the bombshell manual of style
strathern, paul nietzsche in 90 minutes
strathern, paul sartre in 90 minutes
strong, marilee a bright red scream: self-mutilation and the language of pain
supervert extraterrestrial sex fetish
susann, jacqueline valley of the dolls
süskind, patrick perfume: the story of a murderer


taintor, anne i can't be good all the time
takeuchi, naoko the sailor moon materials collection
thompson, hunter s. fear and loathing in las vegas
thorgeson, storm the 100 greatest album covers
toropov, bandon the complete idiot's guide to urban legends
toynetti, arlene the complete idiot's guide to tarot & fortune telling
twiss, miranda the most evil men and women in history


vronsky, peter serial killers: the method and madness of monsters


walker, alexander audrey
walker, andrew kevin the art of sleepy hollow
welsh, irvine trainspotting
wenner, jann s. lennon remembers
whitaker, hazel palmistry
whitaker, hazel numerology
whitaker, hazel developing your psychic ability
wilde, oscar the picture of dorian gray
willdorf, nina city chic
wise, nick courtney love
wise, nick kurt & courtney: in their own words
wolf, naomi how images of beauty are used against women
wurtzel, elizabeth prozac nation: young and depressed in america



yalom, irvin d. love's executioner & other tales of psychotherapy


zacks, richard an underground education: the unauthorized and outrageous supplement to everything you thought you knew about art, sex, business, crime, science, medicine, and other fields of human knowledge
zicree, mark scott the twilight zone companion
zimmerman, denise the complete idiot's guide to wicca and witchcraft

..i think i need more books...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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