a clinical review of childhood

6:55 p.m. x 2003-11-12

The Etilogy and Treatment of Childhood
Jordan W. Smoller

this "clinical review" of the "disorder" called childhood originally appeared in glen c. ellenbogen (ed.) oral sadism and the vegetarian personality. new york: brunner/mazek, 1986. then it was in abnormal psychology by ronald j. comer. and now - it's in my diary. look at that.

childhood is a syndrome that has only directly begun to recieve serious attention from clinicians. the syndrome itself, however, is not at all recent. as early as the eighth century, the persian historian kidnom made reference to "short, noisy creatures," who may very well have been what we now call "children". the treatment of children, however, was unknown until this century, when so-called child psychologists and child psychiatrists became common. despite this history of clinical neglect, it has been estimated that well over half americans alive today have experienced childhood directly (seuss, 1983). in fact, the actual numbers are probably much higher...clinicians are still in disagreement about the significant clinical features of childhood, but the proposed DSM-IV will almost certainly include the following core features:

  • congenital onset (present at birth, may go undetected)
  • dwarfism (physically lacking in height)
  • emotional liability (immaturity)
  • knowledge deficits (unformed IQs)
  • legume anorexia (refusal to consume vegetables)

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