not an inch of snow on the ground, and yet i had a day off

5:28 p.m. x 2003-01-03

i love school politics.


so far on this completely random, strange day off (we just got back yesterday - whathefuuuck...) i've dedicated myself to two causes: one being sleep (i was up until 4:30 doing HOMEWORK the other night, they al gave us a week's worth to make up for the vacation...oi...) and the other being a skill i've still yet to completely master: differentiating john, paul, george, and ringo's voices. it's an odd handicap, me and male vocals. i tend to like girl singers better because i can hear bigger differences in their vocal stylings. boys sound all very similar to me, so i like strange voices on guys (come on - how would you mistake billy corgan's wheezing with anyone else's, hmm?).

right now i'm pretty sure i know when john's singing - he's got the sexiest voice ^-^ *melts*. paul and george i still confuse @_@ and then...there's ringo. i guess all i have to do there is compare the vocal to yellow submarine. i love that song (that statement's insanely redundant, if you know me).

honestly though, how can all you heartless fiends NOT like ringo??? he's unassuming, has pretty legs, has a little puppy smile, and he wanted to use the money he made dumming to open up a hair salon so he could serve tea to all the ladies getting their hair done...aaaaaaaawe...

...i'm touched ^-^.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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