unproductivity day with snickers and the taurus

2:51 p.m. x 2003-01-13

indeed indeed snicketty-chan, i was trying to get into here during third block - alas i was shoved off the internet too early and was too lazy to go get back on ^-^;;;. horrible me. my day was so unproductive it's painful -_-;;; well, not 100% percent unproductive i should say, i got quite a bit accomplished on a paper i'm doing in english on comparing and contrasting, which i've chosen to do so with courtney love and yoko ono (that should be interesting).

the hilights of today came every other period - the ride to school was good but french and english both sucked, then resource was good, then lunch sucked, then graphic arts was good, then geometry sucked, then the ride home was god ^-^. in resource, becky, marissa, brittany, amanda and i all sat together and tormented the teacher (it especially grated her nerves when i was polite to shannon, that just freaked the hell out of her). in graphic arts snickers and i talked, which i liked, she's nice and i hope i get to see her after GA's run is over (very soon). i really don't remember too much else about today...except jaypea's car troubles. as his away message said: "everyone pray that my car is okay and it comes home today!"

you see, the john paul's beloved hyundai elantra has taken ill due to squeaky brakes and in its place there beeps a funny red taurus that belongs to his grandparents ^-^ which our tragic hero could not smoke in. so poor jaypealettes had to trudge through the day cigarette-less until, as we were on our way down the hall from geometry, the pack flew out of his messenger bag and into the middle of the floor!

another mysterious case of UFN - unidentified flying nicotine.

more later, i'm off to go poke at the lennon book ^-^.

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