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10:15 p.m. x 2003-01-24

hello again. it's the one [young] woman soapbox of absurdity back to plague you with the oh-so-wonderous events of my day. today i went to and from the brick-bound hell-hole with mister john paul, and it was the first day of our new semester. first i have bio, with a woman who seems no more and no less pleasant than PMS. second block is american cultures (WITH AMANDA! WHEEEE!!!) with an ooold man who can still recall memories of college and the dumb things he and others did there. third block (for today) was speech avec jaypea and alex. i volunteered to give the first speech, a three-sentense long summary of my favorite movie. i chose requiem for a dream and throughout the rest of the class' speeches there was the recurring theme of drugs and murder. i have faith in that class. fourth for today sucked the most because we didn't do anything. it was driver's ed, with the resident subsitute whom we affectionately call "chicken wing", and it was an hour and a half of absolutely NOTHING. and i had just that to do - absolutely NOTHING! i finished the love you make inside fifteen minutes at the beginning, fidgeted with my lunchbox, played with my hat, looked through my magazine...they're lucky i didn't break out the anthology, i would've been cracking skulls. i was that bored and there are no good people in there T__T ! upsettedness...ah well, tomorrow i retreat to barnes & noble yet again for another piece of disturbing literature (and it'll probably have to do with...you know...those guys...). i need something to cheer me up. i'm not in the greatest of moods. earlier today my dad made another rude comment about my weight. i went upstaires and cried, listening to sir paul drone out yesterday and other such tunes. it made me feel better, but the comment pissed me off real bad...>-< i'll say it again; i need a vacation. i wish i was academic enough to just go to college and escape this mess - NOW. but nooo...i have to WAIT two looong years...

...damn academics. damn your very existence (with butter)!

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