forever is a very long time, pooh

3:13 p.m. x 2003-02-27

this afternoon, jaypea sang the winnie the pooh song "forever" at the top of his lungs as we pulled out of the school parking lot, and before that; tiffany, amber, ashley, and yet-another-amanda had an amusing time with the issue of nudity in the pool locker room.

today has been a great day ^-^. the only bad thing is...mister rogers is dead. the public's responce, you ask? let's see what mr. john-paul says...

jaypea: that's it, i'm quitting school. for he was my reason for learning.

see. lives have been changed. scarred forever. this means thousands of hours of counselling for many a small child. *tisk*...i wonder if they'll bury him in that sweater?

i accomplished something today! i was productive, yes...i am halfway to my desired artistic goal. i have 25 drawings done in my beatles series, so 25 more to go ^-^. after i do one of thee four today, i want to do another of jane asher. she's unintelligably striking and fun to draw. i did one of her and sir paul but it turned out too...anime-esque, for lack of a better term. it looks like my older stuff.

YES! after a month of failed attempts, i'm dragging sara out of her house and out to lunch! from 1 to oprah-knows-when on sunday i get to torture her. it's been forever since i've gotten to go out with her -_- i miss my sara.

sometime i'll have to tell you how she and i got to know one another, it is a truely disturbing tale. but that is for a time that is not now, now is the time for help! and cookies...

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