my aol is in a coma

2:27 p.m. x 2003-03-08

just as the "short description" says, my aol has died but is stuck in limbo. i can get into it, check my mail, IM and do all that good stuff, but i can't access any website. how and why am i writing this? the lovely little thing known as "internet explorer", which i've forgotten i had...

i hate computers. i really do. i don't care what kind of bad technological karma i attract with that statement but they really do suck. now on to my lovely account of today as well as yesterday.

it's actually very fortunate for everyone that i wasn't here yesterday, my mood went straight to hell after school. as soon as everything got calm and quiet and i was allowed to think straight, my mind got all tangled with bad thoughts. someone made a comment to me on friday that just put me in an awful mood. then, of course, to perpetuate my bad mood, i rented one-hour photo, the ring and monster's ball. all amazing movies that'll make you feel like shit. and then, since my hours are almost the polar opposite of everyone else's, i had no one to talk to, no patience for aol, and so i read the love you make and went to sleep. i'm so happy that day's over.

today definetly improved my mood, since my mom had a lot of money and i'm booked solid next weekend, i was able to get one of the expensive books i usually must wait until a holiday for, rolling stone's harrison book ^-^. speaking of next weekend...*ugh*, just thinking about it makes me tired. i'll be at sara's from friday to saturday and at tweak's from saturday to sunday, and sunday will effectively be dedicated to sleep. if you don't here from me after thursday, that's why.

argh, i can't believe how pissed i was friday. my day in it's entirety wasn't even that bad - third block included the most amazing account via jaypea of drug stories i'd ever heard (so says the impulsive reader of rock excess tabloidery) and overall my day wasn't the most terrible i've ever had. my mood was just blah in the most explicit of ways. and then monster's ball made me cry T__T. *sniff*...i never knew i'd be so moved by puff daddy...

"i good you bid evening."
-jason lee, vanilla sky

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