i am fast running out of beatles songs

8:29 p.m. x 2003-03-09

for those of you concerned for my wellbeing, i do listen to other things. perhaps today i should clearify the meaning of "song of the day". i used to do that in my written diary, everyday i'd write down the song that was stuck in my head. so sometimes it will be a song that particularly defines my mood that day or just one that's very very engrained on my conciousness. a great example of this would be on my finals day, i'm not too partial to "the ballad of bilbo baggins" but it was stuck in my head...

survey rippage...whee.

five details about you...
this shade of blonde isn't my natural haircolor, and it pisses me off
i enjoy the scents of vanilla and cotton candy
i've heard that i looked like courtney love and cynthia lennon
my favorite songs right now are "you've got to hide your love away" by the beatles and "the bones of babydolls" by acid bath
i have an intense contempt for the amish

five details about your appearance right now...
my hair is a mess
i'm wearing my hat
there's nothing on under this robe...ooo...
my slippers are fuzzy
my glasses need to be washed off, i can't see very well

five things you did today...
looked through all my old notebooks
looked longingly at the harrison book *drools*
listened to the "sgt. pepper" album three times
sang "bohemian rhapsody" in the bath
watched several really boring countdown shows on vh1

five memorable things you did in the last year...
decided to take the lyric-writing thing seriously
found my beloved cheap-as-hell record store
wrote a book (yeees i did)
bought the beatles' "1"
fake-bleached my boring, straight, messed-up head of hair

five things that everyone should know about you...
i love music, mostly music in general but rock and it's bastard offspring genres the most
i hate - HATE - drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, suicide, cliches, sports, and people who are just there to pick out the bad things about you
my favorite word is "aquaduct" and has been since i was quite young
i own a bass, alas but i can hardly play -_-
i'm vaguely sure i will not have a boyfriend throughout the duration of highschool existence

five favorite groups...
this is absurd! five??? i'm sick of this...
switchblade symphony & X
jack off jill & scarling.
the beatles & the white stripes
hole & babes in toyland
daisy chainsaw & queen adreena

five favorite musical artists...
jessicka fodera
katie jane garside
courtney love
john lennon
lori barbero

five favorite songs...
"the bones of babydolls" by acid bath
"all you need is love" by the beatles
"gutless" by hole
"right now" by babes in toyland
"love your money" by daisy chainsaw

five favorite movies...
a hard day's night
donnie darko
one-hour photo
see no evil (big YAYs for mia farrow!)

five things that make you happy...
my friends
hearing a song i love that i haven't heard in a while, or a new one i'm instantly attached to

five people who mean a lot to you...
BAH! again...absurdity...
manda & jaypea
sara & rachel
britterz & jason
clare & tweak
and everyone else (you included)

five things that disgust you...
ignorant bastards
britney spears
religious zealots

five things that impress you...
bands that write their own material and have a unique, distinctive sound
courtney love's early writing
any words at all out of katie jane's mouth
people thinking i'm the least bit interesting (i'd like to think so...but sometimes...)
the smashing pumpkins' videos

five things you can't live without...
my cd collection
my friends
my vcr & vhs collection
a notebook and pencil
this piece of shit computer

five things you'll do when you complete this...
putz around the internet
find a nice winamp skin
look for pictures to use in my speech project
bother sara
put real clothing on...eeek!

five things you feel right now...
sick & tired
not motivated in the least to get up and go to school tomorrow
mad at my unkept, accident-inducing room
in need of a haircut
vaguely lonely

there. that's done. i feel as though i've accomplished something.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
KL 02-11