the world is after me this month

7:13 p.m. x 2003-03-10

i knew march was going to suck. looking at it on my calender i thought, "yes myssi, they'll be out for your ass here". and so they are. and so they are.

i don't think i've been this miserable for such a long stretch of time since fourth grade (eighth doesn't count because i was the one making others miserable in that case). i swear people just don't take into account what they say to me. it's true that it's hard to offend me as opposed to others but SWEET JESUS MCCHRIST, there are some things that'll just hurt no matter who you say them to! some of my most trusted friends and acquaintances have just taken it upon themselves to dig me into a hole this week. so my weekend has a lot to make up for.

tweak an sara are two of my dearest little friends that i don't see terribly often, so this weekend is theirs'. i'm going to buy tweaky a great gift and rekindle the friendship sara and i forged in sixth grade (not the fifth grade one ^-^;;; that was more of a tormentor-tormentee kinda thing than a friendship). and next week, i intend to drag amanda out to the music shoppe and drool over guitars with her. especially the pretty heart-shaped ones ^-^ mmm...

on the websitee side of things, i've finally managed to do something with the notify list (which i've been tweaking for the past month) and there's now a permanant piece of text down there in the bottom left ^-^. you don't know how long that's been in the works, and now that i've found the code, i feel incredibly dumb. that's today's daily "k@ri-belongs-in-life-skills" reality check.

and so it's time i leave you, but not without this very important tidbit: if you're going to teach a sheltered christian zealot profanity, specify that it is indeed profanity. it's like teaching your three-year-old sibling what an "orgasm" is, you're the one more likely to get in trouble for it. and you know they won't stop saying it...*ugh*.

and don't do drugs.

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