e.t., birth defects, and that curious little thing called love

2:25 p.m. x 2003-04-09

whenever i get lonely and slightly sad at not having a boyfriend (and my complete inability to find anything except two or three celebrities attractive), i think "well k@ri, there's no one good-looking here anyway!" ah yes...but, there IS one. one - and he has very nice hair. but alas, his face looks just like his sister's, and she makes me cringe. evil satanic biiitch...anyhoo, so today i saw this young man in the hallway and i thought "hmm - lovely, i want to touch", BUT AS SOON AS I SAT DOWN...i mapped out his personality completely. i think i've seen him twice and i know EXACTLY what he'd be like to talk to.

he'd ignore me until i'd do something really strange, but instead of laughing he'd glare at me. he'd never get any jokes, he'd say "i don't care" WAY too much, and i wouldn't be able to discuss music and philosophy with him, even if i strapped him up screaming a la "a clockwork orange" and made him watch twelve hours of jack off jill concert footage and old silent french porn loops. and i'd NEVER stand for this!!!

the man who is right for me would laugh at me when i do odd thigs, ALWAYS care about whatever i'm doing, never ever EVER glare at me, talk to me about everything...and if i strapped him up, he'd love it! ah yes...and he would've already seen the pornography and concert footage many times over.

*note to self*
jaypea wants hoho flavoured lip gloss - must look for his birthday

when i am very old and very immobile, i will look back on my life, cry, and think "what the fuck was i doing?", but i'd also smile thinking about third block. all of my curiously bizarre classes land in it, and today was a great example. the fabulous jaypea/john paul/johnny girl put in an appearance to come in and observe the artness. it was a great scene involving e.t. (christie: "eeeeeeellioooott!"...i thought she was saying "idiot" @_@ go figure me), the oscars (jaypea got "best supporting actess"), and a rather vile and disgusting birth defect that bethany finds interesting.

and so it is final...i am not the weirdest one in there...i just happen to be the most vocal about my weirdness. if i were suddle, i don't think i'd take my private exploits to the internet...and clare's sleeping over soon ^-^ yippidi skippidi bippidi whoosh!

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