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8:52 p.m. x 2003-05-06

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday dear k@ri
happy birthday to me

and there it was. so, now i am sixteen. in just about any other person's case who happens to be my age...this is a happy day. they can drive. ah, but not so for myssi! why can't i drive? because, honestly, after all the time we've spent together...

...would you trust me behind the wheel? me neither. i'm an adamant pedestrian and i refuse to drive. you can't make me - i'm perfectly content to be chauffered or walk to my desired destination. traffic gives me anxiety like mad...can you imagine my road rage?! i already act like an undiagnosed touretter. the rest of the world doesn't really need an individual such as me driving. i promise you this.

anyhoo - it was my birthday today. and...i was alone for most of it. it was a very odd day, probably the kind that i needed. i have a feeling that it did what it did to just keep from really sucking, but it wasn't one of my better days. everything just seemed a little bit off. the hilight of the day was lunch, even though manda wasn't here -_- i sat and read the real bettie page (my new bible) and listened to "drink me" - VERY good album ^-^. VERY VERY. hooray for katie jane!!! i was surprised at how much i like "pretty like drugs"...i guess the version i downloaded was a pretty rough cut because the album version is gorgeous. as is "kitty collar" - and the whole rest of the thing. i did great as far as music goes this time. queen adreena, acid bath, bikini kill, jimi hendrix...i'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchases ^-^.

still on their way from are the "taxidermy" album, and the movies "girl" and "secretary" ^-^ plus the beatles anthology vhs set, as i'm not yet modern enough for dvds...

...expect an overhaul here soon. i need a pick-me-up and a new design is in the works. i want my first self-designed one to be nice ^-^! au revoir and wish k@ri a happy something.

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