9:31 p.m. x 2003-05-14

narrow-mindedness rubs me in all the various wrong ways. there are many different sides to narrow-mindedness that you may not even be conciously aware of. it's absolutely 100% possible to be the most narrow-minded fiend and not in any way resemble archy bunker.

remember - mike (the meathead) was as narrow-minded as archie. it just may have taken you longer to notice. immediately you disagree with archy and take mike's side, but moments later...mike shows his own bigotted side.


i'm not mad at anyone in particular, though. just things people have been doing lately have made me feel like i'm trapped in some eighteenth century hellhole. now, keep in mind that i really AM indeed stuck in such a place, but my friends are supposed to make it better, not worse!!!

whatever happened to individualism? being yourself? not worrying about "weird" or "different"? the way i am and what i like is MY business and that goes for EVERYONE ELSE! i'm so sick of it!

i know...i know...this is my [[[stupid word alert]]] comeuppance. i once tormented a dear friend because of issues witheld from discussion now and forever. BUT - that experience was the lesson in itself. i'd just like to STOP FEELING GUILTY NOW and put an END to this rediculousness!!!

i hate it when people say "you can't change the world" and i'm not telling anyone to stop believing that they can't - BUT - you can't change the way people think and them as individuals. there's a big difference.

daisy chainsaw

i know you might say
things behind my back
you know it's okay
i can live with that
nice to have a friend
just when you need one
don't try and pretend
you don't need one
why do you need
someone at your feet
where does it lead
just a dead-end street

i'd hate to sound like the arch deluxe here (mcdonalds meal served to adults, you get it, twiggy gets it) - but manners are practiced for a reason. respect is practiced for a reason. it makes people feel nice. i can understand keeping them out of the public eye for teachers and the general authority, i'm a bit of an upstart you know. but don't be like that you your friends and the people that like you.

i'd really love to be able to say "alright - no more bullshit! no more stupidity!!!" but...no, i can't. i'm so sick i don't feel like verbally defending any kind of point i happen to strongly believe in. i don't care what anyone does or believes in as long as it's done in a nice way (which it rarely is).

i'm nice and i listen and i smile to everyone's opinion. i'm interested even if i don't agree, AND THE LAST THING I WANT TO HEAR IN RESPONCE TO SOMETHING I FEEL GOOD ABOUT IS A STUPID SARCASTIC "OOOKAY"! why don't you just slap me and call me a fucking idiot for christ's sake?!?!

...i'm rarely this misanthropic, you know. really i am. i'm normally all happiness and yay, but today something just went off.

i think it needs to be summer now.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
KL 02-11