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9:04 p.m. x 2003-05-19

i cannot believe i forgot the sneaker incident...

whilst at the mall with jordan on saturday, she saw a pair of shoes she'd been meaning to buy. under normal circumstances, the shoes would've been 32$ but that day - they were on sale for 15.98$ and she had 15$!

but what about the 98 cents?!

i hopped outside the store to find my mother. she wasn't there. i scaled the mall, looking into every embarrassingly motherish store throughout the place, to no avail -_-. we were 48 cent-less (i paid some ^-^ wheee!).

finally the clerks just gave us two quarters and gave us that "run along now, schizos!" kind of look.

so yes - i am still stuck on saturday. today was too much of an atrocity to mull over, really the only nice thing about it was sticking life savers up bethany's bum. juvenile, but effective. jaypea, you can think of that as an early birthday gift.

ah yes, aaaand...


*mwah!* don't do drugs.

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