"yooouuur MOTHER..."

7:02 p.m. x 2003-05-21

ah...and so today was a vast improvement over the previous days. and for this, we must thank a few things: seinfeld, hyde from that 70's show, jack white, jordan (*sniff* THANK YOU!!!), and those little moments when you find out something very special about someone you love. like today, as i watched "will & grace", jaypea's installation display suddenly made complete sense!

and manda was very sweet today ^-^ maybe she isn't mad...maybe she is...i don't knoooow T__T thank the laaawd (or whoever's really in charge, i'm thinking bill gates) i'm not a guy. i can't read "signs". i'm far too dense.

*le sigh*...we had grad project meetings today. i really cannot stand the woman they stuck my with, and the feeling is mutual. she wasn't here today, but she left a note saying everyone had to show up in her room at free period tomorrow - ESPECIALLY me.


why ESPECIALLY me?! hopefully this has nothing to do with me yelling at her before i left at the last grad project meeting. i think i had the right to after she called my stuff "pornographic, sylvia plath & marilyn manson rip-offs". she's quite fortunate that i have a punching bag in my basement to manage my anger. otherwise i would've clocked that heinous douchebag.

i am very sensitive about my work. i don't know what kind of stuff the school board is giving the english administration to sniff, but they need to stop hitting the crack and be POLITE! *breeeathe myssi*...in case you can't tell, i have this little-miss-manners side that comes out every now and then. i have a real problem with rudeness and roughly two of every three people i meet has some problem with me enough that they feel they're free to be rude to me left and right.

i HATE THAT! especially the sarcastic "ooookay....?". want to make the world a better place? before you donate blood or vital organs, feed the homeless, kiss the fat kid, or donate to hair for cher - stop the sarcastic "ooookay...?" and watch the world brighten. really, it isn't the polite form of "shut-up". it's like slapping them and saying "shut-up", so we best put an end to that right now.

by and large my day did not really suck though...third block was fun, discussing the strange driving habits of men with jordan. her boyfriend beat jaypea by the diameter of the sharp turn, and rooting through books on abortion...generally being depressingly lazy. in the end - we had a more impressive list of resources than the pro-lifers. we'll win...or i'll kick them...

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