"snaps for elle's lateral delts!"

10:16 p.m. x 2003-07-02

being a somewhat headstrong, optimistic fair-haired individual myself - i find a deep affinitey with elle woods, the heroine of "legally blonde". i skipped off to the cinema today to see the sequal and indeed i was satisfied ^-^ although, after the past several months of hanging out with militant animal rights adolescents, i found they relied too much on sentiment for the animal testing argument.

oh well - it was worth the hour and a half (no sarcasm intended, i'm being rather serious) of credits. i suppose. i can certainly think of worse theatre experiences. BUT...but, i must say. the theatre i usually go to is wonderful because it's only ever you, your companion, and a few random senior citizens. this makes for an exciting viewing experience, indeed.

*smacks lips together* mm, it tastes like sugar, appropriately enough. i'd imagine "hence the product name"...why doesn't sugar cosmetics have a website??? product sadists! i want to see everything they offer, i don't trust sephora to carry it all!!!

mmmmmmmm - if you've never listened to my recommendations before, at least just run out and SMELL "habit" by sugar cosmetics. it'll make you smell like a cake. now if you'll excuse me...i'm going to go and sketch out my own snap cup and fill it with warm fuzzies about this perfume. evening evening, lovelies ~ <3

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