inside day with the cannes film festival

4:03 p.m. x 2003-07-11

so far, that has been my only event today - watching the movie "festival in cannes" in the living room. of course, i can't even get into the movie and really watch it because everyone's downstairs @_@ so i suppose i'll have to rent that...

*reads over what she's just written* ugh, i'm sorry. i'm really not out to make you as bored as i am. really - i should be quite busy. i should be emailing jordan trying to make plans and calling manda about seeing "charlie's angels" i just wish i had some little midget assistant i paid to do all of this for me. it's not as if i don't want to see jordan or manda - in fact i really really do. i'm desperately lonely. but...i'm also kind of stuck in this comatose, no-drive kind of state.

at least it's july and not january. i couldn't stand to run into this kind of issue and have school bothering me. tonight i'm just going to curl up with hello kitty and watch "sex and the city", pull my new little sleepy-mask over my face and dream about the white stripes.

and then on monday - discuss getting a new therapist. i'll be truthful with myself now - i need one more than i did while i was seeing susan. i'll miss her. if you've read my diary before i'll bet you know that i needed to see her a bit more often than biweekly...*shakes it off* alright, before i depress myself, i'd like to turn your attention over to the hello kitty clock on your left. isn't she cute?! i'm proud of that. i found that while perusing, which is to your right and i highly recommend you click it (i'm listed there now ^-^ whee!). also, under "lovelies", we now feature miss rachel's teen open diary.

*le sigh* - this diary's due for a new layout but i can't bring myself to do that. i like this one to much. ah well...i must be off...i think i'll go nap -_-.

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