the versace backlash

6:17 p.m. x 2003-07-12

i'm mad at myself that i didn't go into versace while i was at that mall with my aunt. i was sitting right in front of it for a few minutes, but they had a doorman and the doors were closed - not very inviting. next time, i'm going to stomp in and buy a napkin or something in my price range, and versace shall witness my REVENGE!

anyhoo - today i join that special group of women who buy shoes they can barely walk in. there was a pair at hot topic staring my down, and they were ADORABLE little stiletto strappy thingies...i'm weak. i bought them, but i have to practice walking in them now. oi, too much "sex and the city" is bad for one's shopping mentality, like $450 malono blahniks...*cough*

alright, i'm going to leave you now with the best quote ever, via when discussing the ownership of the kinderwhore look (kat bjelland and courtney love were in one band, sugar baby doll, and started the kinderwhore look, then split up over dispute over ownership of the trend):

"this just all KILLS me though. what if john and paul broke up the beatles and started different bands before they got famous because they both wanted ownership of the fucking bowl cut?" -- nostar, of


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