this is a positively charged rod

8:54 p.m. x 2003-10-18

WHOOOAAAAA - i had the best evening! my day began with being dragged out of my wonderful little bed to a family mall outing which was more than a little destined to suck, but ended with myself, tweak, andy, katy, ryan, and paul in his (paul's) basement being mischievious! YAAAAYYY!!!

we were also in paul's fort. hooray for paul's fort! and a great big happy shout-out to paul's grandma!!!

ryan: and if i were gay, i would give you my soul!
me: and if i were gay i would give you my whole being!
paul: nooo, this is not grandma-appropriate!

*a big hug for ryan and paul because because because because BECAAAAUSE...AAAAND a great big grand hug for TWEEEAAAAK because I LOVE TWEAK! and a hug for andy & katy for symmetry!*

and a little whack on the head for myssi - who managed to miscalculate both dami and heather's birthdays. heather's was yesterday and dami's is tomorrow - *whacks self upon the cranium*.

*le sigh* whoosh. i didn't mean for this entry to be flighty, but i'm going to have to be off because i'm ready to collapse. I LOVE YOU <3, fancy a snog?

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