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9:34 p.m. x 2004-02-03

this is a slightly cluttered layout, but oh...poof.

i'm overwhelmingly frustrated with my printer and it's decision to DIE when i REALLY REALLY needed it. jane had asked me two weeks ago to bring in my writing. i had TWO WEEKS to secure some paper and print out what i wanted her (really BADLY) to read. eh.

i don't want to set myself up for anything but i really hope jane stays. it's alright if she needs to move on at some point but i'd like to be able to see someone a little more consistantly than i have in the past.

i know susan is out there somewhere, happily aiding those with eating disorders...UGH i want her job. I WANT TO WORK! ANYWHERE! anywhere that is not in the mall-of-death ('tis a small rural town OVERPOPULATED BY THE ELDERLY, any mall here would quickly turn into a graveyard), like poor kallie. everyday brings new revelations: i have standards. granted - only two. first: i will not work at a fast-food place. second: i must be servicing THE LIVING. not the reanimated remains of farmville. it's sad. i would be the best employee, too. and what am i doing? complaining about not having a job instead of getting one.

I WILL BRING AN END TO THIS RAMPANT PESSIMISM...and i will go out and LOOK FOR A JOB this weekend...

i could work at a makeup counter! a bookstore! a clothing store! a stand selling windchimes! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

(...and watch me get hired at, like, "hatworld". UGH.)

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