11:27 p.m. x 2004-03-21

i just typed this whole pages-long bitchy, rant of all-encompassed RAGE. i left no hateful avenue unturned. i explored recent flairs of anger. i exploited those "long-resolved" old wounds i'd get bitched-out for letting on i still think about, especially to the point of mentioning them in a diary entry. a diary entry that EVERYONE CAN SEE. MY RAGE HAS AN AUDIENCE SO I MUST BE LIKE -- oh you know. it's gone now. so you, diary, do not get the satisfaction of knowing what grudges i harbor, which hatchets i've only pretended to bury, what has kept me quite consistantly PISSED for several MONTHS now. instead all you get is this:

i'm getting my new furniture this coming weekend. it's incredibly cool. lo and behold, i need a new matress because my box spring is very much dead, accounting for the massive back pain as of late. while all this is going on, i'm totally going clothes shopping. i'm on a mission. my recent discoveries (really cute sale items, which i never find, seeing as sales avoid me) have lifted my fashion spirits. AND I WANT SHOES! materialism always makes me feel better. jewelry too, yes. ooooh yessss. i just need to blow a lot of cash. it's my version of letting off steam. i have to walk around a large mall with a coffee and be joyous. this is a cute picture.

i think i can sympathize with her week.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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