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11:37 p.m. x 2005-05-31

tomorrow is my laaast daaay of hiiiigh schoooool.

i wrote my whole college (err, "abbreviated thirteenth grade" as we may call it) schedule down in my day planner. my neat little patch of classes in july-august and my 12-credit stretch from august-december. that, and i may have to plug in a real math, and i should be good to go on my epic launch towards higher education in the metropolis of my choosing.

it has occured to me on an almost daily basis for the last forever that i would enjoy to travel a great deal. so i plan on readying myself to plow abroad a great deal now that i have income. i'm definitely dedicating a portion of it to europe. i want hardcore stendhal syndrome, and i want it now! i've been on an architectural trip for the past few months. i need inspired city scapes. i'm going to gag out my innards if i have to look at any more farms or two-story colonials.

i have made it my personal goal to get to cannes 2006. i'm going to see INLAND EMPIRE premier. i have two paychecks and i haven't impulse-spent them yet, so things are looking good!

(psst: don't worry because everything is going to work out. now i want you to buck up and look at this, it may seem out of control to you but it isn't. this is all the time you'll ever have. aren't you excited to get to do anything with it?!)

i feel like strutting down the block in my beret and buying a book on dramatic lighting. that's what sucks about central pennsylvania: it does not afford me this luxury. i hate places that do not exist in accord with my every whim! i can't wait to live in a thriving center of industry! a throbbing gristle of capitalism, abandon, and orgiastic GLEE!

i must propell myself forth! ONWARD.

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