look at me for the very last time i've climbed so high i've got no place left to climb

12:34 a.m. x 2005-06-10


that makes me awfully happy. my friend natasha, who was in my last block classes with me this year, and i cried in the hallway over things not associated with graduating. graduating makes me ecstatic because it means THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF STAGNATION!

and i was sad thinking about things that are going to stick, and they'll sink and they'll probably crush under the weight of things impending, and descisions and will be so intimidated by the movement. that makes me really sad. but i can't do anything about that.

i'd love to pull you out of the mud but you obviously enjoy being there. so while you wallow in the mire, i'm getting my degree, and i'll love you and i'll think about you pretty much constantly, but i can't make you unstick (it fucking sucks, we didn't even grow apart - YOU FAILED TO GROW AT ALL). it makes me sad. that's all that i can say about it, because then i start wailing like in the hallway with natasha.

i just have to keep moving! i'm going to several colleges, there will be copious fits of travel, spattering around the globe. there will be financial independance and there will be a slow and wonderful freeing of things.

i'm free of things! I'M FREE.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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