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6:45 p.m. x 2005-10-21

it tends to be that whenever i hear music from a david lynch film, it gets me all languid and i slip into an audrey-dance. it isn't hard, but i fall completely apart when i listen to "mountains falling" by bluebob, david lynch & john neff's project. that drives me absolutely wild.

jesus, i did something weird to my bangs again. i didn't cut them (not all of them), but i sort of gave myself a bald spot. i can obscure it but, oh - it's there. it's very there. i can't believe this.

or this. as many times as i've seen "mulholland drive" (and i've seen it almost weekly since first viewing), that guy in the background behind mr. roque has JUST started, within the past few months, to bother the PISS out of me.

and it isn't you, by the way - my thought process has been especially unlinear lately. i just took some horribly grainy screenshots of "mulholland drive". eugh.

i have been trying to make a "mulholland drive" layout for the longest time and i've never found a picture that i like...

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