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9:21 p.m. x 2005-10-23

in the process of erecting this very emo layout. today i reluctantly rang up jeans that my workfriend gunther intends to wear and i say tsk to this. then i hung out with clare and now i'm taping SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH. i laughed so much with clare that my mouth is exhausted.

i had a really fun time out with kara and the leahs last night, though i feel a little bad for being so abberant. i made myself really sick with compoundedness. i'm over my irrational paranoia and that's really good, but i'm still not over my dislike of present circumstances. i'm letting that fuck me around. my head's been in the throes of ARRRGH ever since.

i'm trying to do all of these things and as i go to do one i look back at the other and it nags. my operative task is ANOTHER ENGLISH PAPER. and this one i really don't want to do. i want to do the next one. DAVID LYNCH'S "RABBITS" IS INCREDIBLE, predictible as it may be for me to say so.

i want to make friends at school. i'm really trying hard. i bought socks with ghosts on them today. my head hurts so bad...

kara is going to get people to sign my yearbook for me. i hope people tell me a lot of nice things. i would especiallu like to hear a lot of nice things from tweak, who i hope is doing well. i see her parents everywhere, and i never ever see her.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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