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4:07 p.m. x 2006-09-17

geeeeeeeeeeez, celtic woman.

mm, last night was a very ambivalent night. i was pretty tired from the night before, which was of the best nights of my life...and so i took a little nap. then amber called, pretty diconcerted with something. i was talking to her about it when my mom came in, demanded i hang up on her, and then proceeded to tear all of my possessions off my dresser and night stand and all my clothes out of my closet. she was pretty furious, but as usual...not about anything specific...and wouldn't talk to dad came in then while i was on the phone and said some things that made jimmy, with whom i was speaking, freak out and come get me. his parents took me out to dinner and his dad showed me a power point presentation about sears. i then went home to enjoy the gift of green tea, "winter light" and...errrr, celtic woman. i'm sorry, kara, i'm wounding your soul with this.

this morning my mom bought me breakfast and proceeded to be nice, which just...freaks the shit out of me...eugh. i'd rather she be nice, but in wake of last night, i'm just...very put-off. i'll leave it alone. i'm glad they didn't break anything beyond my "do not disturb" sign, heh...i can fix that...but she threw things that kara gave me across the room and really important frames with really important pictures in them. that made me really upset. but watching jimmy's family interact took my mind off things.

that he and i have gotten back to where we were and i can rely on him again to make those grand gestures really makes my week. except i was supposed to have seen "the black dhalia" friday night, amidst that wackiness...we didn't end up going...brian de palma...i kind of still would like to go. ooo...i do know where i'm going tuesday. hehe. eurometal! i haven't been to a concert in...a while...the last real concert i went to was the white stripes when i was in...eleventh grade? and then the shack show last year for kara's band's set. and then sky 6 with alex. i think that's it. regardless...i'm a lot more riveted to see the people who are going to this show. and it is apparently taking place in some sort of haven of eurometal. the actual band is the least of my concerns...i had a blast at the juliana theory concert when i was a sophomore, and that's even less up my alley than eurometal.


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