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4:33 p.m. x 2006-09-18

oh dude! i just got banking stuff in the mail. i thought i was completely void of cash but, lo...i have $300 in my savings and $100 in my checking...that's $400 more than i assumed i had at all. i have $20 in cash. i'm actually quite good financially. not excellent. i need to kick ass in my savings again and i need to budget. today i had to pay jimmy my entire check because he had bought me a ticket to a concert but was then slammed with an intimidating phone bill, so i benevolently paid him is cool.

i am excited to go to this thing. because i ought to get out and have experiences. the virginian eurometal experience. tuesday afternoon edition.

i caught up-ish with ken and that pleased me immensely. he told me about his independant study project and it sounds pretty smashing, hehe. ken is very very good at speaking to people named kari. he's going to do a fine job.

i got a nice warm feeling awash over me. i feel confident again. i feel totally in control of things. the bank statement helped, heh. this homework is helping...APA style is my bitch. i drew a profile today. i've never been able to nail profiles and i am so proud of this one. AND HEATHER GOT A JOB! after i gave her a hardxcore magnificent reference somewhere else. but she's going to kick ass whatever she may wind up doing.

there is nothing i love more than an ingrained physiological reaction. like how i drop my pencil and shudder with ecstacy when my social psychology teacher talks about certain things. i love her and all, but it's rather beyond her and her awesomeness, but that i've had her classes since january...i've thought about a lot while attempting to take notes on what she's talking about. i feel like she's guided me through everything and she didn't even know it. but...physiological reactions. my body has an excellent memory. my body has a better memory than my brain (and you know all about that, i'm a flashbulb). i can relive a rollercoaster vividly whenever i feel like it.

bah...enough said.

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