a man that made me remember the fifth of november

8:23 p.m. x 2006-11-05

i feel placid and relieved. overwhelmingly. greatly. last night was phenomenal. i was a sad state of affairs and i got exactly what i needed to cheer up. wow. i'm very...i've wanted to convey it all day but i can't, verbally. it all runs into a smile and i can't speak. i'm VERY happy!

ooohhhhhh...i love you, jimmy. that was perfect. i don't feel good about causing intrafamilial sass, but i'm really really happy that you knew that being there would help. and it did. i'm ecstatic. that was mind-boggling, you're wonderful...and beautiful...i love you very much and that was PERFECT!

and you're on your way over right now...<3

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