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9:22 p.m. x 2006-11-29

jimmy was the MOD at work, and we did not have to worry about behaving for the management, nor was anybody in the store. that could be an opening statement to a far more lascivious story, but i got subway for him and held his tired, quaky little entirety in my arms. and he called me this morning! and we talked while i had breakfast and he opened the store. also when i visited, andrew hung out with us. his beard, too. in fact the beard more so. god his beard's amazing.

my mom, however, can be slighly less than amazing on occasions such as...

i had a bagel and coffee at school this morning. after i was picked up, my mom got me a sandwich from panera, then i took a nap. upon waking, it was circa dinner time, but the sandwich was more than adequate so i wasn't very hungry. i still ate something for sustainance, i'm not quite certain WHAT it was but it's special k brand. eugh. that's all we have anymore. i had that...then as i was working i thought i'd have a small, shallow bowl of coco puffs. seriously. two handfulls of dry coco puffs.

my mom yelled "what the fuck are you eating now". bahhhhh.

"LOVE" IS STUNNING <3. giddygiddygiddy.

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