closer than anyone would ever get

11:43 p.m. x 2006-12-02

i had an excellent time out with amber. we browsed for haircolor and i bought some tartan. i got sushi and she got something vaguely vegetarian, and being as touchy as we are, this had to raise a bemused smirk amongst fellow mallgoers. we encountered kat and corinne but scantly missed lexi. i think i bought a calendar my mom all ready purchased. amber parked HORRIBLY everywhere we went. so horribly i photographed it. we went to visit jimmy and even though he was extremely distraught from work, it made me incredibly happy to see him.

i had the most brain-scrambling, wonderful time with him thursday evening, it makes my veins rattle with elation to think about. the things we talked about. being close to him. he is so so so incredibly valuable.

GOD. i am happy. WOW.

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