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9:39 p.m. x 2007-02-09

i'm all packed to go to jimmy's grandmother's tomorrow. we're leaving earlier that i thought, but that's good. haha, mike is teaching jimmy how to do his taxes ^-^ that's beautiful.

i love "s.c.i.e.n.c.e." so much. i'm on my way to killing it i've listened to it over and over again since i got home today. i also worked on jotting a few ideas about a screenplay based on humorous personal encounters at school. i think i've had enough that i can string them together into a cohesive narrative.

alex was talking to me this morning about how it is circa the second test that the most people drop a class. a few do during the first few sessions, if they decide the class isn't for them and they swap out for another before any major work is done. the first test loses a few, but most people who do rough on it decide to see if the second test will raise their grade. typically, if you bomb the second test, you're done for. hence. we just had our first test, and i believe my english teacher is ready to drop her own class. it was kind of an embarrassing display. she wasted class time bitching and then let us go a half an hour early. all she REALLY wants to do is lecture. she shoots down everything that any student says. she's impossible to interact with. most of the class has gotten the jist that anything they say is wrong, which severely hinders any motivation to actually READ the material.

i was among those today that had not read the material for today, as i was absent on wednesday. i was reading it as she walked in and as she bitched. i even had a fair amount of notes down by the time she dismissed us. i spent my free little window of time with ashley, perplexed. nonsense.

gahhh i'm so excited!!!!

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