she is falling light between the leaves

8:53 p.m. x 2007-04-27

i love dita von teese. i love her sense of style and she has an incredible attitude. this afternoon after school i took a bath and read the art of the teese, watched "mulholland drive" and cleaned my room. it was too dank to go on a walk, though i would've enjoyed that.

i have been horrifically burned out lately. what i'm sorely in need of is a vacation. new york will be fun, in july. i'd like to go to philadelphia. i'd like to see my aunt in new jersey. since i'll be driving this summer (will, must, have to, can't avoid it any longer), that'll all become more feasible.

i'm rather restless because writing has become very frustrating recently. not as if i'm beginning to dislike it, it's just been tough. i've had times like that and it doesn't mean anything, it just sucks when i WANT to write. want a product. want a finished product.

curse my debilitatingly abstract, nonlinear thought process.

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