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6:16 p.m. x 2007-06-22

jimmy comes home tonight!!! he's very sore and sunburned and sounded very unhappy when he called this morning, but i hope he feels okay when soon. i'm almost done with a present i've been working on for him...and i may get to see him tomorrow night, if he's not too banged up. i think i'll be sharing him with ernie, since he misses jimmy so much too. hehe. aaagh i can't wait to see him!!!!! and kiss him! i'm going to slather him in affection...all the areas of skin spared by the burn, anyway...

i finally did a few things that i'd put off today. i downloaded "animals" and got my bangs cut. my mom and i cut my face frames at home because the hairdresser missed them. ugh. i also rented "the notorious bettie page" and "the seventh seal". on the agenda for the remainder of the day would be to take a walk and REVIEW THE PENNSYLVANIA DRIVERS MANUAL. tomorrow i'm making an appointment at a real hairdresser's and SCHEDULING MY LEARNER'S PERMIT TEST. YES I AM. I AM I AM I AM. YES.

and yesterday...clare, elisa and i were joined by clare's boyfriend bud for dinner. it was very fantastic. he is a great kid, and i was REALLY pleased that clare was really herself around him. it was refreshing, and i got a smoothie. today at breakfast i got a very hot mocha by accident, and that wasn't very refreshing. gah. i also had a MISERABLE nightmare about being pursued by the psych faculty at harvard for experiments. it was ridiculously suspenseful. that's when jimmy called me, and though he woke me up, i was too afraid to get out of bed for a while because the dream was so vivid. i then went back to sleep and had another one about he, ernie, jimmy's cousin becky and i being chased by men in fuzzy lion costumes and hiding in a basement not too much different from the one in "silence of the lambs". lit a bit better, if i recall correctly. i always have nightmares.

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