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9:52 p.m. x 2008-05-10

currently listening to: "blue" by the birthday massacre

this morning i road around with my mom looking for places to apply. not the greatest idea. she got absurdly snappy and weird, and it was not a good idea. i did apply another place where i think i would really enjoy working. i'll see about it.

i am really, truely sick and tired of hearing "you could always go back to kohl's". what was wrong with my first "no"?! "no" usually works for me when people say it. maybe i take rejection tougher than i thought. i don't want to work there again. i worked there for two years. that was enough. i liked the people i worked with for roughly a year and a half. i refused a transfer when offered because the closer store, the one everyone is urging me to apply to, is managed by some of the worst people who at one point managed the store where i worked. i passed up that employment opportunity when i worked within the company. gas prices make it impossible for me to work a half hour away again. so, NO. for the last time, NO. THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES TO WORK THAT ARE NOT KOHL'S.

after that i wrote, then was epically derailed by old livejournals and xangas of my best friends. i thought about names i'd completely forgotten about and little dramas that hold no emotional weight now (of course). it's cool to have been there, and be where i am now, and to love the people i have in my life and to be happy with myself.

i really want to be more in depth with that but, excuse me, i love team rocket.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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