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10:47 p.m. x 2008-10-07

currently listening to: "get off the internet" by le tigre

sudden bout of weird nostalgia, but how i miss how hot topic used to be, when i was in high school. it's so awful now. i don't know what made me think of it.

i haven't spoken of my brilliant weekend! it was such a relief to go home and spend time with (most of) my best friends. lexi made it amazing. she bought me noodles and spent the night friday and saturday. everybody spent the night saturday. i watched "almost famous" with akasha and drew and amanda and her friend wes stopped in for a few hours. it was exactly the shot in the arm that i needed, and i'm feeling wonderful. i'm so grateful. i want to maintain this attitude as long as possible. things are going to be all right.

i finished book six of "sandman". i'm so happy i'm finally getting to read that. it's come along at just the right time. i could gush about it for days but i'm really frazzled right now. i'm cold and i wanted to get to bed even earlier than this, but there's some sketchy business happening where i can't leave my room, but no one's said anything yet about whether or not i can now (i respect them, but what total bullshit is this sorority stuff). it's been over an hour.

just a few more things:

it's absolutely freezing.

i just realized today that the hairdresser i saw on saturday did my hair CORRECTLY. as in for the first time in perhaps years. it still looks funny, because the bangs are a little higher than they should be. but what all the other hooligans didn't grasp about how i wanted thicker bangs penetrated this one's understanding, and she nailed it. I HAVE NO PROBLEM SEEING. and even with how unflattering it can be if i don't put my hair up (to show off how the front is styled - i only allowed the hairdresser to mess with my bangs and face frames, and they kind of get devoured by the rest of my hair), i think it's cute. it's added some much-needed character to this haircut that i refuse to let go of.

i'm so relieved i could cry how my hair's grown back to more or less the length it always is, before i fucked up cutting it all off at the beginning of the summer. i'm so proud of my hair.


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