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5:22 p.m. x 2009-09-17

currently listening to: "for our elegant caste" by of montreal

a swell of clapping just errupted from the other side of the library, where i am sitting and i had NO IDEA that a few feet from me, there was an exhibit opening going on. that's a great feeling.

i had it firmly in my head that mark was upset with me, with good reason, and when i asked him about it and why he did some things, he said there was no problem. yesterday we had an outstanding conversation and he went and watched "MASH" so he could talk to me about it. i love "MASH" so much.

my mass email went out for the english society! success! i'm very excited for the first meeting. and to rest thoroughly tonight. last night i slept for a while and then woke up and did my homework, and all morning then i had a headache the likes of which i've never experienced. i don't think i'm eating very well at all.

i've finished going after cacciato and it was magnificent. i have a bio test on monday and i think we're reviewing tomorrow. so all i need to do is read for american lit, which, if i do so right at this moment, gives me the rest of the night and my break tomorrow to avoid another headache and maybe begin love in the time of cholera. and then i can sleep/write ALL WEEKEND. sleepwrite, if i so desire. i need to make the edits on my short story for workshop and i want to do another five pages in my novel before tueday. easily done. would much rather be doing that than american lit.

next semester looks to be form & theory, advanced criticism, classical lit - and i'm going to approach the professor whose small press i work on and ask if i can't "independant study" with him as my fourth slot. because i don't want to take on a risky class and fuck up my GPA at the last second (advanced criticism is all ready terrifying, but the professor who teaches that invited me because she believes i can do it - oh heavens i just checked her online syllabi and the class is subtitled "postmodernism without tears"). so if i could quietly sob my way through classical lit, devote the bulk of my time to and criticism and form & theory, and as a fourth thing just devote myself to the press, that would be spectacular. he could oversee an apprenticeship whereby i begin my own. that would be even better. i'll get on that, and apply to grad school. after i have another headache.

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