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2:59 p.m. x 2009-12-07

currently listening to: "magic flute" by babes in toyland

i feel like i broke my body. i'm really uncomfortable with my appearance right now. allegedly i am the smallest i've ever been and am getting increasingly so, but the way my weight is shifting is terribly unflattering and distracting.

i had my first tutoring session last night. i have another scheduled tomorrow. i will get paid for it all. the beauty. my professor confirmed to me today that i am indeed the managing editor of the literary journal this year! i thought so, but you never know. not with him. i'm very grateful and very excited.

last night gretchen and i workshopped neuroses/CVs/statements of purpose. it is such a great thing to look at my CV and feel good about myself for what i've accomplished and not necessarily just my shrewd ability to make it seem as if i've done something when that would be a lie. much better. i am remembering a ton of stuff from high school that i didn't consider to be anything at the time, but now i realize it's pretty legitimate. or was. i could've used it once. but i got where i needed to go.

i bought some hysterical heart-shaped glasses, italo calvino's invisible cities and a pair of tights to celebrate the end of this nerve-boggling semester. i have only one responsibility left, which is this paper for the novel. on the function of seduction in the language in nabokov and marquez.

short term goals:

    hair cut

    portfolio revision

long term goals:



in no time.

i have a reading tomorrow. TOMORROW. AGGGHHHHHH.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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